IMPORTANT: This is NOT the SAGE website, which can be found here.

Welcome to Boston University! To help you get yourself oriented, we've put together this basic survival guide. This guide has been authored and edited by various graduate students from the Student Association of Graduate Engineers (SAGE) and the Graduate Student Organization (GSO) to give a student's perspective on graduate life at Boston University. Within you will find some basic information on a wide range of topics including housing, transportation, personal finances, financial aid, and health care.

Additional information, particularly for events and activities, can be found online on the SAGE and GSO websites (, respectively). Both SAGE and the GSO sponsor a number of social activities throughout the academic year and summer. These events are great opportunities to meet other graduate students and make some friends. If you have questions about something that has not been covered in this document or on the websites, you can contact the SAGE officers via email: sage at bu dot edu. The most up-to-date version of this document can also be found on the SAGE website.

This survival guide is a work in progress. As you find your way around Boston University and Boston in general, please remember this guide. Take note of things you would have liked to have known when you first arrived, and send comments and suggestions to sage at bu dot edu to help us make improvements.

Follow the links below to browse the main sections of the guide.
Personal Finance
Health Care
Getting Settled