Biking is probably the best way to get around Boston, especially when the weather is nice. There are many bicycles stolen every year from campus, so you MUST lock your bike! Generally, securing your bike to a bike rack or metal pole with a U Lock will do the trick, but watch out if you have particularly nice and steal-able tires, seats, lights, etc. Register your bike with the BU Police Department on Harry Agganis Way (next to Nickerson Field) if you want their assistance in locating your bike if it is stolen.

If you don't own your own bike, there is now a bike-share program in Boston called Hubway. Rides under 30 minutes are free, and the company has several pricing plans. Unfortunately, the system is shut down during the winter. Visit for more details.

For secure temporary storage

For (fairly) secure temporary storage of your bike, bike racks exist across campus. Several buildings also have bicycle rooms