In cases where a graduate student already has a source of funding, typically a fellowship, assistantship, or loan, but has not yet received these funds, and yet there is a real need for money right away, that student can sometimes get short term emergency funds.

Students in the College of Arts and Sciences should refer to the GSO page at [] for information regarding emergency loans.

College of Engineering students receiving grant or loan money in excess of their tuition and fees may be able to obtain a cash advance if their funds are delayed, but not before classes begin. Students should contact the Financial Aid Manager, 617-353-9772, after the first day of the semester.

Students on Research or Teaching Fellowships are paid the end of each month, beginning in September. Students should arrive on campus with funds to cover their first month's expenses. In case a paycheck is delayed, the student's department payroll personnel should be able to arrange for a payroll advance.