This section contains a plethora of miscellaneous bits of advice arranged in no particular order. Please skim the headings and read what interests you.


New Engineering students should go to 44 Cummington Mall, Room 114, Graduate Programs Office, to pick up your registration packet at the scheduled time for registration. To be considered full-time, you must register for 12 credits (minimum) to 18 credits (maximum) with some exceptions. If you are funded by a Teaching Fellowship or a Research Assistantship you can be certified full-time with between 2 and 8 credits (GTF’s up to 10 credits), check if there are any restrictions (such as a minimum number of credits). Most courses are 4 credits (laboratory component included). Each department office should have a copy of the Tau Beta Pi course evaluation book for engineering classes. After classes begin, registration changes can be made with a Course Adjustment form. To add a class, you must get the signature permission of the professor whose class you want to add on the Course Adjustment form. Be sure that if you drop a course (without replacing it) your total remaining credits do not affect your full-time status or restrictions on your fellowship.


There are three components that you need to fulfill in order to be considered in ‘compliance’ with the university:
  1. Settle your Student account (please refer to ‘Settling your bill’ above)
  2. Medical Immunization Status : This is managed by Student Health Services (SHS). Please contact them with any questions: 881 Commonwealth Avenue, 1st Floor, Phone: 617-353-3575, Email:
  3. BU Alert Phone Number: You enter this information through the ‘Compliance’ link under the purple ‘Personal’ tab of the student link.

It is important to be in Compliance with Boston University requirements. If you are not in compliance there can be a hold placed on your student account which can affect course registration and graduation. You can check if you are in compliance under the ‘Compliance’ link of the ‘Personal’ tab of the student link.

Settling your bill

You can view your student account statement online trough the student link. Under the green ‘Money Matters’ tab you will click on ‘Student Account Inquiry.’ You can arrange payment online through the Student Account Inquiry page or through Student Accounting Services. Their office is located at 881 Commonwealth Avenue, Lower Level and they can be contacted by phone: (617) 353-2264 or email:

Students with financial aid will have the financial aid credits appearing as a pending item on the student bill received when registering. You are responsible for paying any charges not covered by your financial aid the deadline stated on the bills. In general, tuition scholarships for fellowships and assistantships cover the cost of the tuition and GSU fees; some fellowships and assistantships also cover medical insurance. Other incidental charges, and medical insurance in those cases where it is not granted, are not covered by financial aid.

If you have taken a loan in excess of the cost of tuition and fees on your student account, you may request a refund under the ‘Student Account Inquiry’ once the loan has posted to your account, usually after the first day of classes.

Your BU ID card (Terrier Card)

After you have registered for classes you can get your ID card. BU ID cards are available through the Terrier Card Office, (TCO) located at 775 Commonwealth Avenue on the lower level. The TCO is open Monday – Friday from 9am-5pm, year round. Photo identification must be presented to receive a new Terrier Card. Valid identification includes a driver's license, state identification card, or passport.

Your ID card is necessary for many services at BU, including all library services. Access to ERB (Engineering Research Building), 44 Cummington Mall and other Engineering buildings are completely regulated by your card. For access to rooms in ERB and other Engineering buildings contact your departmental office (on the weekends and evenings even front door access is restricted). You can also submit a request using Zaius. Register within the first week and the Ingalls Engineering Resource Center (Ingalls is located at 44 Cummington Mall Room 103), will automatically be put on your card!

Please do not lose your BU ID card, there is a $30 replacement fee that will be automatically charged to your Student Account.

Computer accounts

Much of the communication on campus is done through e-mail, so it is to your advantage to get an account as soon as possible. To setup your e-mail, go to the Office of Information Services & Technology at 533 Commonwealth Avenue. Their Summer hours are Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm, September to May they close at 9pm. This office is closed on weekends. They can be contacted by phone: (617) 353-4357 or email:

Students can also visit the IT Help Center at Mugar Library (771 Commonwealth Avenue). The Help Center is open 7 days a week from 8am-11pm for the Summer, September to May they close at midnight.

You must have your BU ID card with you to set up your email account.

Stipend Payments

Questions regarding stipend payments should be referred to the Graduate Coordinator in your department.

If you are a graduate Engineer and have any questions regarding your financial aid, please do not hesitate to contact the Graduate Programs Office at 44 Cummington Mall, Room 114, e-mail address: [].


Each department tries to provide each graduate student with office space, however, there is a priority list (Teaching Fellows are highest since they need a place to meet their students) and limited space. Ask your department about the availability of office space. Remember that you may use the GESC if you are in a pinch.

Books and Supplies

The Barnes and Noble store at Boston University in Kenmore Square sells many things besides course books. Take some time to look around and see what's there, it could save you a lot of time in the future. School supplies are sold on the third floor (including phones, typewriters, sheets, cooking appliances, etc.!). BU and other clothing items are on the first floor. The Charlesbank Bookstore sells general books and is located on the second and fifth floor (where all computer and science books are located). Course books are sold on the fourth floor. The bookstore is well stocked, so if you don't find a book, ask for it! Remember that if you are a Teaching Fellow/Research Assistant, then all books and many things in the bookstore are 10% off. To get this discount ask a clerk for your RA/TF discount card.

If you are a Teaching Fellow

It is advisable to contact the professor you will be working with a few days prior to the start of classes. The department offices have the phone numbers of all professors. You can also find contact information for professors as well as fellow students through The TF assignments should be made by mid-August for the fall and mid-December for the spring. The professors need to talk to their TFs since they will be preparing a syllabus for the course, which will include your office, phone, etc.

Massachusetts Driver's License or ID Card

Domestic students should go to the Registry of Motor Vehicles when getting a new driver's license. It is recommended for those domestic students who don’t want to change their driver’s license to a Massachusetts driver’s license to get a Massachusetts Liquor ID card. This card comes in handy when attending any Boston sporting event or concert as most venues require that you be 25 or older to purchase alcohol with an out-of-state driver’s license, unless you have the liquor ID. Bring a proof of current address, and your passport to the Boston Registry of Motor Vehicles located at 630 Washington St. Boston, MA.

Visit the RMV web site at for details.

Getting Involved in On-Campus Organizations

To get involved in the many student organizations on campus see the following web site []

Your rights as an employee

· Fair wages: The College and University have set the standard RA and GTF salary at $9,400 per semester for 2010-2011. All RAs and GTFs should have a signed contract or offer letter.

· Draw the line: You are not expected to stay in Boston University forever. You should do your work and graduate. You should not be stuck doing low level chores for years on end. If you feel you are being exploited, speak up, talk to your fellow and seek assistance from GSO or SAGE.

Office of New Bostonians

The Office of New Bostonians is an initiative of Mayor Thomas M. Menino to strengthen the ability of residents from diverse cultural and linguistic communities to fully participate in the economic, civil, social, and cultural life of the City of Boston. Foreign students to Greater Boston should call the Office of New Bostonians at (617) 635-2980.

Religious Life On Campus

A wide range of religions exist on campus. For more information see [].