The "T": The public transportation system in Boston is so extensive that you DO NOT need a car to get around the city! You can get anywhere in the city limits, as well as many suburbs by public transportation. Actually, many people who initially bring their cars wish they had not since having a car is such a hassle! The entire public transportation system is known as the MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority) which includes the T (subway), T buses, commuter rail and commuter boats. Online schedules at

The subway the fare is $2.50, and bus fare is $2.00 when paid in cash or coins. If you use a CharlieCard, the subway fare is $2.00, and the bus costs $1.50. You can get an "empty" CharlieCard from an MBTA Customer Service Agent at certain T stations, or online. You can also buy a monthly pass called a Link Pass for $70 per month that covers both subway and bus fares. Monthly passes are available at the Shaw’s at 1065 Commonwealth Ave. (Packard’s Corner/ Brighton Ave. T-stop on the B line) or at the Government Center T-stop. Semester Passes (11% savings) are available for sale at the GSU ticket office. If you are a current student, more information on the MBTA semester pass is available at .Visit for the details of Public Transportation.