(Last Updated August 2011) Boston University Student Health Services <http://www.bu.edu/shs/> provides primary care for short-term conditions. Long-term illnesses and conditions, long term mental health care, or conditions requiring a specialist are referred to other doctors. Most services provided by the health center are free. This includes seeing doctors and having laboratory tests. This includes one yearly physical exam. There are no claim forms to file for these services. The health center is located at 881 Commonwealth Avenue near BU's West Campus (building #6 on this map. [http://www.bu.edu/maps/5-9.html]) Their phone number is (617) 353-3575.


1. Health Center - You can make appointments year-round at Student Health Services except when the University is officially closed. The clinic also keeps a few appointments open each day for urgent problems. If you wish, you can select a particular doctor as your primary care physician. Just request your favorite doc when you call to make an appointment.

2. Mental Health Clinic- The health center has a mental health staff, which is available throughout the year. Mental health services are available on an appointment or emergency basis. A wide range of other counselors, chaplains, and confidential advisors are also available to members of the Boston University community. Go to http://www.bu.edu/shs/behavioral/index.shtml for more information.


Services at the health center are available to all full-time students (whether enrolled in the BU Student Medical Insurance Plan or not) and 3/4-time students who are on the BU Student Medical Insurance Plan. Student Health Services does not serve part-time students. (Note that students in the research stage of their degree are certified as having full-time status even though they do not take classes.)

Health Services Fee

Students with full-time status are assessed a Student Health Services fee. It is not necessary to have already paid your bill to visit health services. All that is required is your Boston University identification card.


For those on the BU Student Medical Insurance Plan, health center physicians may occasionally refer you to a doctor/health center/hospital that is not maximally covered under your insurance plan. You should confirm that you are being referred to an in-network doctor with the front desk of the health center to make sure you receive maximum coverage. Alternatively, you can check the list of Aetna Open Choice PPO providers yourself.

Those on the BU Student Medical Insurance Plan are required to obtain a referral from Student Health Services before visiting another doctor in order to file those charges with the health plan.